Daine Heinrich


I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Having lived in several different regions of  Washington I have been inspired by both city and country life. I have always enjoyed  painting and have taken many courses throughout my life in different mediums. From the time I was a small boy I’ve looked at life as if I could capture a specific moment in time on canvas. In a way that my work would have a dream like feeling. A thing of the past being brought back to your attention. I focus on a feeling through the brightness or dullness of the paints I use. Traveling is something that inspires me. Culture shock is needed for a change in your views. My views change day to day. My idea of what I would consider amazing art changes as well. Some of my favorite pieces took time to grow on me and have felt so tedious that starting something else seemed like a better idea. In the end the tireless dream of perfecting that piece of artwork, feels almost perfect. Other times I feel simplicity is needed for it to look stunning.

If you are interested in hanging one of my original paintings in your home, office or gallery please contact me.


(206) 890-5411



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